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Online Access Streaming Card - Forever Hit

49,00 lei

The event of the year, after 18 months of restrictions and pandemic, will take place in Bucharest, on the National Arena, on September 18, 2021, after the success registered in Timișoara in 2019.

Knowing that the global pandemic has made it difficult to organize or even banned events with physical presence, if for some reason you can not come to Forever Hit on the National Arena, we offer you the opportunity to see LIVE streaming online through the Streamerse platform, at the best audio-video quality, from the comfort of your home, no matter where you are on the planet, provided you have a good internet connection.

The access to the concert in the online version is made only on the basis of a valid access card.

And if you have a fixed schedule or you are on another time zone, you will have access to the concert in the version registered on the Streamerse platform for another 10 days after the event.

Forever Hit it will be a festive show, with artistic performances in a gala atmosphere, with the aim of highlighting some extremely valuable artists and awarding them for their entire activity and for their contribution to the world music industry and heritage.

* The event is organized respecting all the norms in force on the date when it takes place. The rules for participation will be mandatory and will be supplemented or removed as they are publicly announced by the authorities.



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We want to be young forever.

Forever we would like to see life through the colorful glasses for the disco and listen to the songs we were advancing towards the shy girls leaning against the wall.

The traffic lights and strobes made by a skilled friend and the black lights taken from someone coming from work in Libya made the atmosphere a dream.

Hundreds of young people danced crowded together and thought that, in fact, they had no worries about tomorrow. Everything was now and here, in the disco that poured its bright rhythms over everyone.

Do they only remain there, in the memory of those times?

If we don't want that, let's get together on the National Arena on September 18 and make the biggest disco ever seen in these lands.

Let's be Forever Young at FOREVER HIT !!!

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By purchasing access cards the buyer undertakes to comply with the official regulations of the event, registration, rules and procedures of check-in and access.

The purchase of cards / bracelets / invitations from areas other than those authorized by the event organizer is prohibited and restricts access.

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